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Traces from Off the Beaten Path offers a glimpse into the guarded aspects of identity; how every experience, instance of doubt, or moment of pain defines who we are today. These experiences are meant to be difficult. We tried to hide them growing up, grappled with them our entire lives, and still struggle with how to either embrace these aspects or completely shut them out. We all have that story inside of us, with each day a new page engraved into our essence. What makes us, us.  

Though we all have individual means of communicating our stories, Traces from Off the Beaten Path aims to explore those chapters we oft-not wear on our sleeves; how every stroke on the canvas, bend in the sculpture traces its roots from deep down the artist’s self. It reveals something, everything, about who we are. This exhibit invites you to tell your story, investigating the past and exploring each artist’s unseen identity.

Closing Reception: Friday, April 26th 4-6pm

Exhibit Dates: April 5th to April 28th


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Dittmar Memorial Gallery, established in 1972, is a student-operated gallery that enlightens and challenges the Northwestern University community with the works of emerging and underrepresented artists from the Chicago area and the Midwest. The staff at Dittmar is dedicated to developing and fostering the Northwestern community’s awareness of the changing attitudes and trends in the art world. We invite artists who work in the contemporary vein, as well as artists who offer an alternative perspective that hinges on the periphery of the art world. In essence, our goal is to provide well-deserved exposure to those outside or on the margins of the mainstream art world.


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